Lost my virginity with my cousin

I am 5.7, 60kg average looking average body,I ve been following this website for a pretty long time, let me narrate my story.

This happened at my age 18, I belong to a Anglo Indian School, so we were advanced in getting new new horny stuffs, I was eager to fuck a girl in my age, this is what happened.

I had my vacation leave that year, only of my relative called my mom and said they are shifting their house from a rented house to their own house which is little far from the place where they lived, so they asked my help, my mom and I booked a train ticket and went there.

The next morning it is Bangalore, fresh air, all new fresh boobs, while I was waiting for the taxi, my mother wanted to use the rest room so she made me wait and went, while I was waiting a lady came in front of me, she was wearing a pink silk visible saree, I am very sure she would be in her early 30’s she stood before me , as I was small in height when I turn left I can see her white hip, and boobs covered with her blouse,

I can even see her black bra inside, my small cock started raising up, suddenly her mobile fell down just before my legs, I just pretended that I did not see that, she bent down to take that mobile, her silk saree fell down, her white boobs were just before my eyes

I can see those deep cut inside too, my cock was fully erected at once I wanted to fuck someone, since I was small boy so I left the place.

We went in taxi to my aunt’s place, I know that my aunt has two daughters and one son, the son and one of the daughter is elder to me and one of the daughter is younger to me, I ve never seen them for years, so I was eagerly waiting to see them since it was early morning just my aunt and uncle was awake,

I felt very tired so I went to a bed room inside to sleep, my aunt said my younger cousin is sleeping inside and she wanted to sleep with her to rest myself, I went inside to see her but she was covering her face with the bed spread, so I went near her and slept, the white boobs which I saw in the station kept on and on in my mind I could not control I wanted to masturbate since it’s a new place I did not take risk,

I slept, after a couple of hours I woke up, I felt a leg in my hip, I just opened my eye to just check out whose leg is that, that was my younger cousin’s leg, I wanted to see her so slowly pulled her bread spread, she is brown (not dark not fair) good looking. I then left the blanket and went out for a coffee, after some mins she came out, wow awesome, she is brown, she is 15, she was wearing a short top with no bottom, she has a great boobs,

I can see those thighs, she did not notice me sitting there, suddenly she saw me and ran inside to cover herself, then my aunt gave a intro saying to us, her name was sofia since we belong to the same age group we started playing, by late afternoon we went to a small hide out which she had nearby her house, we were sitting there and talking abt our school, she then said a guy pressed a boobs one day and she felt the eroctic, as it was public she did not express her feelings,

Since then she wanted those feeling back, sayin this she left. Then night came we wanted to sleep in our respective rooms, since I was new to the place I don’t have a room to sleep, my mom said let me sleep with sofia, so I went in to sleep with her, she was wearing a short top same like morning, I was wearing a night pants and a t shirt, seeing her in that dress I got erotic and her voice she killed me with that, then I went to the bed to sleep,

I could not sleep because the light was on and the morning boobs came on into my mind, so thinking that white boobs I was seeing those brown boobs here, she noticed me seeing her boobs, I then tuned my face, then in few mins she came to sleep switching off the lights just the night lamp was on, since there was only one bed spread in that room we had to share that,

I was lying a little away from her, I was lying such that I can see the roof, it was cold so I kept on pulling the bedspread more and more and even she felt the cold and she pulled the bed spread towards her, I asked her whether there is any other bed spread she replied ”no”, she then asked me to slide nearer to her so that bedspread can be shared, so I went near her, she was lying facing me and I was lying facing the roof,

I just saw inside the bedspread her thighs was visible in that low light, at once my cock got erected, since I was not wearing any under wear it rose like an hill in my pants, I kept on looking the thighs and was very eager to see more of her body when she sleeping, she asked me in low voice “what is that sticking in ur pants?”

I replied “its just my male part that is erected while sleep” she asked me “will it be erected always I’ve never seen that in any pants” I said “only at night it will be like this” she then stopped asking me questions and slided her thigh on my hip, her left thigh was on me and the right thigh on the bed, she kept on moving her thigh top and bottom, her thigh kept on touching my cock and made it more horny and more erected, this is the first time a girl’s thigh is touching my cock,

she slowly asked me whether I can place my hands on her boobs since she has horny she said that, I got the green signal from her, I wanted to proceed further, I slipped my hands though her neck to reach the boobs, she was not wearing a bra, I slowly went deeper I flet the soft spongy boobs, since it was tight I could just reach the top of the boobs, she slowly took my had out, I was disappointed, then she guided me through the bottom, wow I am surprised to her move, then I slided my hands in to reach those big boobs, then I reached, big, spongy, soft boobs,

I touched her nipples, it was hard and erected, I kept on playin with those big boobs still I could not see those big boobs because I was playin inside the dress, I slowly asked her ”can I see those big things” she slowly said “we girls call this as melon” so I asked again “can I see those melons which Is makin my mouth watery” she laughed and said “ok, but u have to remove the clothes” I said “my pleasure” and slowly took my hand off the boobs and slowly started removing it,

at last I removed it, wow man , I am so lucky to see a boobs without clothes in just front of my eyes, my heart started beating fast, she suddenly hugged me and gave me a nice deep kiss my my lips, I felt her hot air going in my mouth,

We were kissing for around 30 mins by those thirty mins her hands moved all over my body. Then she stopped and asked me “can I see those male part of yours?” I was very happy and said “ yes” she she sliped down and removed my night pants and she saw my cock, it was small though big at that age, she saw me from down, her eyes very very erotic, she made my cock shake in secs, she touched it took it in her hands and kissed my cock,

wow I am in heaven a girl is kissing my cock, then she slipped her mouth in my cock taking the whole of my cock in, my cock fitted her mouth correctly she started playin with it , rolling her tongue, biting it, sucking the balls, I was about to come and she stopped, then she came up to me her boobs were facing my mouth, I wanted to suck I slowly caught hold of her and started sucking her boobs, her nipples, she was moanin “ahhhh”

I kept on playin with her boobs, she removed all of my dress, she was just wearing a small panty, I wanted to explore that too, so I made her ly down in her back and I went down to explore it I touched her panties, it was already wet, I slowly slipped my hand in touched her public hairs, the hairs were not fully grown it seemed like it was just growing up, so I placed my hand in her pussy, it was damn hot,

then I slowly removed her panties it was flat and then she spreaded her legs so that I can fit my fingers in it I slipped my fingers in, it was tight I tired more and went it suddenly a loud moan “ahhhhhh” then I kept my left wrist in her mouth so that she can bite rather moaning loud, she kept on biting me hard as she can, but I kept on fingering her, then I wanted to taste her pussy, I went in to smell it first, the smell turned me on, I started licking

She pushed me in keeping on legs crossed in my shoulders, she kept on pushing me in, she was so erotic and started biting me hard as she can, I had pain, but I did not mind that since I was busy enjoyin the pussy, I was licking her pussy for an hour. Slowly I went up, saw her eyes she just winked her eye lashes giving me permission to slide my cock in her pussy, slowly Inserted my cock in, it was tight very tight ,

I wanted to push me so I pushed still it did not go in, she crossed her legs in my back and she helped me to push in at last it went it, she started to moan more loud so at once I closed her mouth with my wrist, even I started to moan “aaahhhh” then she sticked her wrist in my mouth, slowly pushed more forward and backward, the to and fro motion, then climax came I cummed inside her pussy, since it was very first time I cummed soon in her pussy, I lost my virginity with my cousin.

She too cum in the bed. Then we took our clothes and started wearing it and then she slipped her hand under the bed and took a bed spread and gave it to me, I was shocked to see that, so tit was a planned I wanted to know whether she experienced sex for the first time, I slowly asked her “did it pain? “ she replied “yes, now but here after when u fuck me it wont” I was very surprised to hear that she wants me to fuck her whenever we find time and place.

Then we slept, I stayed there for 8 days in that 8 days I fucked her 15 times, now I am 25 and she is 24 a MBA student, till now whenever she gets leave she used to come to Chennai and whenever I get leave I use to go there to have good sex session. We had countless times sex, we had sex in bathroom, garage, swimming pool, car, night travel in bus more and more bed.