This was the best thing…..yet!

“This has got to be the best thing that ever happened to me”. This was the thought that ran through Rohan’s mind as he stood with the love of his life, Riya, in his arms. They were in his room at Rohan’s house and he was reveling in every sensation that she gave him. As he held her in his embrace, her smell intoxicated him, her touch brought forth pulses of pleasure and the sound of her gentle breathing sounded sweeter than anything he had ever heard before.

They were both lost in each other, oblivious to everything around them, in fact all that existed in the world for them was the person they held in their arms. But first, I’d better explain how they got there in the first place. Rohan was an ordinary guy. At 19 years old,5’8” and 75 kgs, he wasn’t bad to look at, but he wasn’t exactly a model either. Riya, his long-time friend was a year younger at 18. She was your average girl next door with a slender figure, long hair and a smile that lit up a room. At 5’4” and 51 kgs, she had delicate features with eyes that sparkled when she smiled.

They had met each other for the first time when they were young respectively . They became classmates and friends when Rohan joined Riya’s school. Since then, their friendship had grown and eventually Riya was the one whom Rohan relied on most in times of need, whether he needed a shoulder to cry on or to share a secret with. As time passed and both of them hit puberty, their bodies started changing and so did their emotions. They became aware of each other in new ways. Riya started developing breasts, little buds at first, which grew rapidly over her adolescence.

Rohan discovered that his penis had more uses than he knew previously. The first time he masturbated, he felt as if he was going to die there and then. All through this, they supported, comforted and helped each other. Rohan didn’t know exactly when, but his liking for her developed into a full blown crush. He realized it one day 6 months ago, and the realization startled and excited him in equal measure. He found himself thinking of her all the time. As this grew, she became an obsession for him, until he decided that he simply had to have her,at any cost.

He tried to maintain the same behaviour with her as before but found it increasingly difficult to do so. As with any teenage boy, hormones were raging and slowly but surely, he began being attracted to her. He looked at her as he had never seen her… slender body which moved as gracefully as the wind, her breasts which were ripe and firm and her hips which swayed when she walked fuelled his fantasies, as he masturbated furiously at night thinking about her.

One day when he couldn’t take it anymore, he went up to her and said, “ Riya, I’ve known you my whole life, and when I look back, I’ve always felt the happiest when I’m with you. Your mere presence sends me soaring and fills me with this amazing sensation I can’t describe in words.” “ I wanna let you know that you are really special to me….and…I don’t know how to say this….”. After a pause he said, “ Thanks for standing by me, thanks for making me laugh when I was sad, for comforting me. Thanks for being a part of my life, Riya…thanks for being you”. Saying this, he turned away and ran without waiting for her to speak.

She found him in his room, lying face down. She touched him slightly and he turned around and looked at her. He began to speak, but she silenced him with a finger on his lips. She said “You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen”. “What…why…but….” Rohan stammered. “ Dumbo….you said all those nice things to me and then ran away…” Riya said. “ But I…”. “Shh…Rohan….all you needed to say, all I wanted to hear…were those three words”. “And since you didn’t say it…I will”. “Rohan….I love you… I always have and always will.” Rohan managed to utter, “ I love you too Riya…more than anything in the world”.

And that is how they found themselves hugging in his room. As they looked into each other’s eyes, love mixed with lust and longing. Without even speaking, their lips met, kissing tentatively at first. Their kiss got longer and they grew bolder, using their tongues to explore each other’s mouth. Rohan broke the kiss and looked at her. As their eyes met, she looked down shyly, with a coy smile on her face. Rohan took charge and made the first move.

He picked her up in one motion, surprising her and threw her on the bed. Her face showed fear mixed with excitement, she knew what they were about to do would change their relationship forever and yet she wanted….no, she needed it. He bent over her and kissed her on soft skin. His kissing sent sent shivers down her spine and a moan escaped her lips. He took his time, exploring every inch of her with his lips and tongue.

She responded to his actions by moaning louder and louder, she was getting aroused already, and both of them were still fully clothed!. Well that wouldn’t do would it, Rohan moved up to Riya’s top and unfastened the buttons, slowly, kissing the exposed skin as he went along. “What….Oh….” Riya blushed. Rohan slowly took off the top completely and threw it away from the bed. Riya was left with a bra, jeans and panties. “ You look amazing…” he said as he stared at her in wonder. He quickly attacked the bra, getting impatient. And she helped him remove it!

Things were definitely heating up…she tried to cover her boobs with her hands but surrendered to his assault of kisses. As Rohan saw her boobs for the first time, he was spellbound. “ They’re so beautiful…so pretty…” he started stammering. “You can touch them” she whispered, and he did so, gently rubbing her left tit. As fingers brushed her nipple, she let out a sharp breath. Her nipples had always been sensitive she thought, even when she fingered herself thinking of him. And now, it was really happening!. He started sucking her nipples, she kept moaning in her sweet voice

Oh..ah…slowly…don’t bite them so hard love….”. Rohan was going crazy…he wanted to devour her there and then…he was licking her boobs…and she was whimpering. He slowly moved to her navel and gave it a long lick. “oh Rohan…that feels so good…”. He gently bit her waist, “Ouch…naughty you!”said Riya. He swiftly undid the button of her jeans and slid it down. She moved up to allow him to remove it. All that stood between him and her secret place were her panties. He moved closer and slid them down with his teeth.

Now, Riya was naked in front of him, the first time she had been nude before any guy, and she was glad that it was Rohan. “ Wow….you look stunning….I feel as I’m dreaming” said Rohan, taking a good look her glorious boobs and her pussy which had just a few pubic hairs on it. It looked as if her pussy was already wet with arousal as her hand unknowingly went to her clit. She blushed at his complement and said “ Well I’m naked…and you’re still wearing clothes…that’s unfair!”. “Well…take them off yourself if you want to” he said smiling.

Moving surprisingly fast, she ripped open his shirt and trousers, leaving him in his underwear. As she lowered his briefs, his erect, throbbing cock hit her in the face. “Oh my god….ahhh” she exclaimed. “ Don’t be scared….it won’t bite! he said. She gently took it in her hands, and started rubbing it. It throbbed and pulsed in her hands. “ Don’t do that…or else I’ll cum..” he said. She giggled, releasing his cock from her grip.

It was the first time either of them were having a sexual experience and it was evident in their amateur, cute lovemaking. Both were clumsy and eager to be all over each other and they did not know much about what they were doing. Rohan suddenly lay Riya down and put his cock at the entrance of Riya’s love hole. She looked scared but was determined.” Rohan…I know this will hurt…but I want you to be the one to take my virginity…please be as gentle as you can”. “I’ll be as gentle as I can be baby…I promise”. “ Wait…what about protection…you know…condoms” he said.

Oh Rohan…you are so thoughtful….it’s ok baby…I want to feel you without anything in between us… “ Are you sure?”. “Absolutely” ,she smiled. He placed his cock and tried inserting it into her pussy but couldn’t very far. “You are so tight Riya…I can’t move my dick…”. He took his cock out and tried again, applying a little more force. “Ahhhhh…” . “ Is it paining darling?” he asked. “ Yeah…but don’t stop…do it once…and then take away the pain…let me feel the pleasure..” she said. He applied more force and his cock hit her hymen..

He thrust hard , breaking her hymen, deflowering her. She screamed in pain Ahhhh….Rooooohan…..Ahhhhh”. He quickly took out his cock. “ Are you ok?” he asked with a troubled look on his face. She was panting “ Yes…now make love to me Rohan”. He started stroking her and her screams got louder with every stroke. He felt the walls of her pussy contracting around his tool, squeezing it. In the first throes of passion, neither could last very long….” I’m going to cum baby” he screamed. “

Me too…” she shouted . As their orgasms built, she felt her body shaking and he felt cum rising in his balls . In a crescendo of lust, sex and heat, both lovers climaxed at the same time, shooting their juices…As the orgasms subsided and they lay there naked cuddling…he looked at her and said “ This was the best thing ever in my life”. She smiled at him “ This was the best thing…..yet!”.