Sex With S/W Eng In A Bus

I’m good looking and well-built body, about 6 and 75Kg whitish light beard, totally recognized as handsome boy with 26years of lustful age. I’m hereby sharing my first experience in sex with a Tech Lead software engineer 28yrs of beautiful girl. Let me describe how I approached her. One fine day I was leaving to Bangalore from Mangalore in a private Bus. I was a alone in a double bedded sleeper cot, I was bit irritating that who dirty fellows will come because I never like the people who unnecessary touching while sleep.

I was in that bed and looking at time when bus will start? After 15Min I saw beautiful fingers with neat and clear nails are holding the supporter of my cot and climbed up near to my bed and thrown her laptop bag on the carriage. Wow man!!! I really surprised that a young lady with Tight Jeans and T-shirt well structures angel was sleeping on my bed? Unbelievable! She has so fantastic and awesome face. She was quite and lied on bed, me too lied and I was speaking on my home over the mobile after 10 min lights got switched off in the bus.

Seriously I was not getting sleep and she was closed her eyes. As you know Mangalore roads are hell (Fully pits and holes on the road due to rain season), bus was fully shaking; fortunately bus has jumped due to pit on road then she immediately holed my tummy for support and smiled at me. I thought that’s ok accidentally she did but I noticed her hand was too hot. I simply closed my eyes then after few minutes I felt wet feelings on my biceps. She touched her lips over my hand. Oh my god I sure that her intension was to romance.

She was opened her eyes given cute smile and I too saw her and smiled at her and she had hold my ear and brought her mouth and bites over ear. I fully erected that time and I realized fantastic moment. Man! She is to bold to do such kind soon after bus started. My dick is straight to 90 degree; usually I don’t wear underwear when traveling. I too touched her palm and fingers slowly pulled her fingers over my mouth and licked it. She came near to me kissed my lips madly. I just spread her lips by my tongue and pulled inside her lower lips and chewed it hugged tightly by keeping my leg on her hip and kissed

On neck madly and slowly bites over neck part and saw her mangalya that tells she got married. My hands slowly going to her chest touched her perfect sized round shaped boobs. Yo man it’s so soft and immediately I felt it’s becoming hard. I squeezed it, now I sat on the bed pulled her on my lap and pulled her tongue and sucked, she is cooperating with me as like to her husband. My hand was busy with pressing breasts inside her t-shirt. Slowly I pulled her t-shirt up and kissed tummy and inserted my tongue into beautiful navel.

I became totally lustful and she also 100% tempted. I removed her t-shirt and saw sexy white bra. I kissed over bra unhooked and pulled down by my teeth then put beautiful sexy boobs inside mouth and sucked as like a baby. She is pulling my hair and touching and squeezing my 7-inch dick over the pants. She herself removed her pant and spread her leg widely and pulled my head inside her thighs and locked me. Yo man I felt nice smell of fleshy urine. She applied good fragrance soap over there I believe. I opened my tongue and kissed her pussy,

Sucked slowly and slowly then bit harder she is moaning aaahhh haa emm umm aaah she holding my hair tightly. I slowly put my finger on pussy and rubbed it slowly and gently bite clitoral area, its almost wet. I sucked juice and tasted. Since my teeth structure is perfect, I succeed to bite her pussy lips madly and she was shivering she spread her leg fully opened then rubbed my face over there, she about to cum. I was fucking her pussy with 1 center finger and made my tongue tight sharper tight and pushing inside. hmmmm ya she is moaning.

Forcefully white gel busted from her pink pussy. I cleaned by licking and she hugged me tightly and kissed. Now she is on my body and removed my t-shirt and pant and saw 90-degree big thick penis and slides skin down and holds and kissed over pink bulb of my penis then sucked smoothly. I really felt good and believed that time my journey was to heaven with a beautiful tech lead. She was in doggy style and sucking my hard rod. I was kissing her ass and put inside fingers one into pussy and one into asshole. She was vibrating, wow she was too hot and sexy her ass structure is like 2 footballs.

I had taped over 2 balls and pressed boobs. Taken my spit on my fingers and holds her nipple and twisted it madly that time her boobs fully erected and become too hard. Its become like papaya hmmm.. She came on my dick and sat over my lap kept my tool inside her vagina, totally penis was inside her hot pussy and she had good ride wow that time I was pressing her boobs and twisting two nipples intensely. Good man.. That’s 10 min session i was about cum. Moaning ahh baby ahh ee mmm.. Squeezed he and she grinded her hip over my dick, immediately i cum forcefully and spotted my sperm into her hot heaven

And she lied on my body with keeping my penis inside her hot fleshy room we slept for 20 mi like that. We both tiered, then she kissed me and worn her dress and me also worm my cloths and we started to speak in low voice that’s the first time I’m hearing her cute voice… How is it baby? I: Its awesome- first time: thanks lot. She: Where do you working? I: Bangalore as a S/W Egg. Then she replied wow I too working as a software tech lead in a MNC name is Shwetha(Changed), My husband is gone for onsite project for 6 weeks. Thanks lot baby to give me pleasure and fulfilled my hunger. This is my visiting card you are always welcome.

I was very happy and was giving her regular company for bed time almost one month, daily we were having good sex with good different angles with her on the soft duroplex bed.. This is the end of the week because her husband will be returning in this weekend after that we cannot have sex daily. Hi gals this is what my truth sexual life journey started with a beautiful young software egg.