Mom was screwed by my neighbour uncle - 1

This story dates back three years ago when I had just about turned 18 and had freshly started going to college. The initial few months of college life had provided me insights into sexual fantasies about which I had not known before. These included insights into incest too which I found most interesting. It started changing my outlook towards my family members. Since I was the only child of my parents, the change in outlook was more towards my mom. To tell you more about her…her name is Vandana. She was at that time 43 years old. Her features have remained magnificent despite her age. Her figure is 38-32-36, height 5′7″ with voluptous boobs and a magnanomous ass. She normally wears saree and tucks it quite below the navel. She is a real treat to the eyes when she walks.

Often when she travels by bus, I often observed guys, both young and old not missing a chance to intentionally brush her boobs or press her ass cheeks. I masturbate a hell lot at her thought but never mustered any courage to have it to make love with her. But another fantasy of mine was to see her getting laid. The flip side to all this was this she was extremely conservative. My dad frequently used to be out of station for business purposes and I have often felt a decrease in the sexual activities of my mom with him, which had started to have some kind of an effect with her.

My chance at getting my fantasy come true arrived soon. We had a neighbour whom I used to call uncle and who would have been about 47-48 years of age at that time. He was an erstwhile professional boxer who was now a coach for the zonal boxing team. He was well built with great muscles and a height of about 6′4″. He had moved in new to our neighbourhood and in a very less time I had built a good rapport with him. Since I too loved sports, I used to often be with him. He was a widower for 2 years and stayed alone there. I also started inviting him to our home.

He was very friendly to mom and me. However, gradually over time I saw him stare at my mom with different glances, which were very apparently sexual in nature. Whenever my mom used to bend to serve tea or snacks he’d give hard glances to her boobs and navel or to her ass when she used to walk away. He even started coming uninvited and when I would not be there at home. Slowly but certainly I could feel his sexual feelings for my mom. This created in me the feeling of having my fantasy of seeing mom fucked come true.

Uncle had a habit of occasionally drinking and seeing porn movies. I too had seen a couple of porn movies with him. It was late December evening and the weather was very cold outside. I was with uncle that evening and we were watching a porn movie. He was drinking scotch. He was getting quite excited and was even mouthing some sexual words, to which I asked him, “Do you still have so much sexual vigour left in you at this age”?

He said, “Dude, I still am as vigourous as ever before. Its been a really long time i’ve banged a pussy.Desperately need one”.But there would be so many chicks in the sporting community. There would be ample opportunity for you to bang one”, I said.Well chicks are not too interested in an old dick. I too am desperately looking for someone of about my age”, he remarked.I took this as my chance and asked him incitingly, “That would mean someone of about my mom’s age?”It stirred him up a bit but he still replied, “Well….yesssssss”.

I slowly started up a sympathetic conversation with him telling him how unfair it was for his dick to remain so lonely. I slowly moved the direction of conversation to my mom towards which he started taking quite a bit of interest. I tried to garner his sympathy for her loneliness to which he showed full interest. Finally, drunk as he was, Uncle said, “Don’t worry Dude. I’m there to give your mom full support from my side in whichever way possible”. I asked, “Would you also support her for her loneliness?”. “Oh yes! Both physical and mental”, he remarked. I knew I had him in grips tonight.

I asked him, “But how do we work this out? She is an extremely conservative lady and although you would love to lend her shoulder to her but she would not allow you to come close to her let alone touch her by any chance.”Uncle thought of something and said, “I just need to be with her once alone anyhow. The rest I would manage” to which I asked, “If she refuses then?”. He shot back saying, “i’ve been a boxing champion damn it! And you speak of refusal from a lady who is alone with me??” I now realized that I would be in for some high voltage action in the night.

I told uncle that its my daily responsibility of closing the doors and windows of the house. On of the windows was not grilled and since our house is on the ground floor, any human can sneak in through that window. I would keep the window open and he could sneak in at night when Mom would have gone to bed after I gave him a missed call on his mobile. Uncle was quite satisfied with the plan.

I returned back home and had dinner. I tried to behave quite normally although my minds were wavering towards the future action for the night. I made one request to my mom that she wear a particular nightgown. Actually she used to often wear that gown which was sleeveless and used to look extremely sexy in it. She agreed. I wished her good night and went to my room. She also went to her room. She went to the washroom and I slowly went inside her room and hid myself at a corner from where I could see all the action.

I saw the lights in her room go out, waited for some time and then gave uncle the missed call from my cell.I waited for bated breath. It all happened after about 20 minutes. The door of her room opened and I saw uncle slowly get in the room. He was an expert I must say. He directly went to my mom’s feet and started kissing her sole. In the dim night lamp I could see uncle wear his boxing shorts and a jacket. Mom was startled awake.

She immediately put on the room lights using the bed switch and literally screamed at seeing uncle. Uncle moved fast and gagged her mouth with his hand. He shouted at her and told her things like he wanted to support her and she should not be afraid of him. But once she released his hand she shouted once again at him saying that if he were so concerned he would not enter like a thief. Uncle remarked, “Yes I want to steal you”. Now she got afraid and started shouting my name.

I knew my fantasy would surely come true in all its glory and now it Seemed she’d be forced into submission. Uncle came down upon her with all his force and slapped her hard a couple of times. She was stunned and broke down crying. Uncle now came into a position of domination. He knew it was his chance. He removed his jacket exposing his magnificent muscles. Mom got even more subdued after that. Uncle then got his lips near her mouth and started kissing her face all over. When he got his lips to hers, she forcibly pushed him away.

Enraged and mad with lust in his drunken condition, he caught hold of mom by her hair from behind and pulled her towards him giving her a deep smooch as if relishing the finest wine. He then threw her back shouting at her, “Saali Raand…itni gadraye badan ko kiske liye chhupa rakha hai. I’m going to have your body you sexy bitch and give you the hardest fuck of your life”. Saying this he pushed her on the bed and started to force her nightgown out of her body.

She started crying saying, “No please don’t do this. I’m a married lady. I cannot allow this”. Uncle retorted saying “Who asked for your permission you bitch? Agar shaadi shuda ho to itna nikhar kar aur gaand hila-hila kar kyon apni numaish karti thi. And who are you to not allow me? Tu to aaj zaroor chudegi. If you don’t allow me, then i’ll rape you. Aaj apne lund ki pyaas tere choot se hi bujha kar jaoonga.” Mom started pleading “Please leave me”.

Now I knew that I would surely see mom being raped by uncle since she was not showing any sign of willingness. With the great power that uncle had, he pulled down mom’s gown at one go. And lo! What a sight it was. She was not wearing any bra and wearing only a panty beneath the gown. I gasped at the sight. What a sexy beauty she was. My cock was straining at my underwear with a full erection.

Uncle looked at her with eyes wide open as if a drunkard had been brought in front of a full sea of liquor ready to have his fill. Mom was struggling to free herself but uncle was an embodiment of brutal force. He kept kissing her all over from her face downwards. He took both her boobs one by one, forced her to sit on his lap and kept sucking her nipples. He kissed her cleavage and went down kissing her navel. There was such expertness in the way he did it.

Initially there was a huge amount of resistance from mom but slowly she started giving in to her demands. He would have kissed her body for more than half an hour now. He turned her back, cupped her boobs in her powerful palms and started passionately kissing her back. Gradually mom started responding to his kisses. She started feeling the need for physical passion after all. Her ass started bouncing on uncle’s laps. Sensing that mom was now in his grips, he got his face to hers. This time mom responded and they wrapped themselves in a deep kiss.